People will rise again

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The familiar beauty and clarity of nature give color to our imagination. And with that we color our hearts, we color the stories of our lives, laughter and sorrows; we create and engage in creative contemplation. Every creature and creation: forest, trees, rivers, fields, mountains, hills, oceans, water, man and all living beings in nature shed new light creating new waves in our mindscape. This union and unity give birth to a bond of beauty. But in reality, this evergreen humanity is getting lost gradually. Negligence, encroachment-pollution has made the nature vengeful. Deforestation, drought, flood and saltation have pushed life to extinction. ‘I’ll be on my own, living all alone’- is really not an option! So, what is the alternative? By destroying nature, degrading human life and diminishing scope of future cannot be a way of better life. Let the light, wind and other gifts of nature enrich our lives with joy. We ourselves have to make such a foundation for this to be possible. Commemorating 1952, 52 poems have been composed celebrating the beauty of nature as well as telling a precautionary tale of human transgressions. This is a call to everyone to rise up once again for nature against transgressions.